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South East Sales was founded in 1988, and incorporated in 1995. SES has served the local government market since inception and the Public Safety sector since 1990. The company is privately held.

South East Sales, Inc provides computer solutions for Public Safety in all areas: hardware, software, and professional services.




Photo (c) Motion Computing, Inc.South East Sales, Inc is an authorized reseller of Dell Computers, Motion Computing Tablet Computers, American Power Conversion Uninterruptible power supplies, and Microsoft Software. SES also supplies all components of a local area network: Servers, switches, cabling, desktop computers, wireless access points, tablet pc's and notebooks for field data capture can all be part of your single supplier access, ensuring ease of administration and integration between components.

Additional hardware components can also be supplied by South East Sales, Inc for a "turn-key" operation: Printers, digital cameras, scanners, multi-function machines, and others.With its unique blend of software and hardware expertise, South East Sales, Inc can provide peace of mind in the increasingly complex world of computer systems.:

"Our Customers Rest Easy"


SES provides innovative software solutions for public safety agencies. SES also supplies some third party solutions, where that software meets the same stringent standards of SES software.

You may download a product information sheet for SES' software below:

Microsoft WordEvidence Management (PDF)

Microsoft WordVehicle Management(PDF)

Microsoft WordNarcotics Intelligence(PDF)

Microsoft WordPersonnel(PDF)

Microsoft WordDepartmental Property(PDF)



SES can provide network installation and network operating system support; consulting for network design, software evaluation, and computerization planning; software installation and training; and special purpose problem solving.

Microsoft WordServices (PDF)

Microsoft WordPolicy Manual Services (PDF)


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The primary principle guiding South East Sales, Inc is "We support our customers", not just our products. What does that mean? It means if one of our customers has a problem, and we have the ability, we will help, whether it's our product or not. This creates long term relationships where we know our customers and they know us. Our primary role within our customer organizations is that of Problem Solver. This means recommending the best solution to the problem, not the one that makes the most profit.

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